Friday, September 4, 2009

Indiana 19, Eastern Kentucky 13--Mediocrity All Around

While the festivities taking place at Memorial Stadium were above and beyond anything seen in recent past--thanks to new AD Fred Glass--the play on the field failed to be anything more than below average. Only a small part of the team played well.

The offensive line failed to open running lanes for our already mediocre running backs and were penalized for unnecessary holding and false start penalties that only displayed their inexperience. The running game failed to get going without any reasonable holes to run through, but did find space outside on occasion but the backs were unable to do anything with it. Ben Chapell was touted as the quarterback for the team, and the unequivocal leader of the team. While I certainly can't speak on his leadership ability, it is apparent that he does not have the ability to play quarterback in the Big 10. Open receivers were missed, leading to incompletions and two very bad interceptions.

However, Chapell's lack of quarterbacking ability was masked by the ability of the wide-outs, who were the only positive part of the offense. Doss and Belcher both had above average games, and it seems apparent that they will be the strongest part of the offense throughout the season.

The defense failed to show any signs of dominance over a team in which they should have with relative ease. The run defense was only benefited by the fact that EKU just did not run that much. On the passing front, neither of the most important aspects of coverage--pressure on the QB and secondary coverage--did much of anything. The defensive line failed to put consistent pressure on the EKU QBs. The defensive line was said to be a strength of the team going into the season, but failed to show why. To put it bluntly, our secondary was terrible. The cornerbacks were often a step behind, and the EKU receivers were often thrown to while not having anyone within 10 steps of them.

If this team wants to be competitive in the Big 10 (but I would be content with being competitive with our OOC opponents) then they will need to step up and play better. It is really as simple as that.

But this is a blog dedicating to exposing Bill lynch for a bum and hopefully leading to his firing. The offensive line was not ready for this home, vs Eastern Kentucky. How are they going to be ready for Big 10 opponents? That's for Bill Lynch to figure out, and honestly, I have no faith in the man. The secondary needs a lot of help. You can't teach talent, but you can certainly prepare these players better for a game and work on their defensive awareness.

This team is going to need a lot of work if they do not want to finish at the bottom of the Big 10 again, and it should be obvious that we here at "Fire Bill Lynch" do not think our current coach is the man for the job.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

PLAY FINCH NOW....or lynch lynch.

Jerimy Finch (noun) - The #1 high school football player in the great state of Indiana in 2006. Ranked #69th overall in the nation. 8th best the nation. Recieved offers from just about every school in the land. Took OUTTT our very own (Geoffrey) in the High School State Championship game (geoffrey was a camera man- they played the scene on the jumbo tron for atleast 3 minutes- best moment in my life). This kid signed a LOI with Florida then transferred back to play for the Hoosiers! He is sculpted like Zeus! He eats bullets for breakfast! He is BY FAR the best player on the team! He is....benched? for most of the season? wtf lynch? honestly... what do we have to do to get the point across to bill lynch? looks like it has to come to a geoffrey vs. finch faceoff for lynch to get the point. dumby. PLAY FINCH!
-T Life

Bill Lynch to #9: "I'd appreciate it if you made a big play for me, so that way people will continue to blinded towards my overall suckiness."

#9- "Uh, what?"

BL- "Pleeeeeeeease...?"

A nice W--no thanks to Mr. Lynch

1st quarter, 3rd and 6, Bill Lynch calls for a hand off up the middle to Marcus Thigpen.

Bill Lynch sucks.

Bill Lynch

Bill Lynch is a terrible football coach.

He couldn't win at Ball State, a MAC school. What makes you think he can win in the Big Ten?

We will be getting a new AD soon. Hopefully this new AD will realize how much of a terrible choice Lynch is for our football coach. What we need a is new up-and-coming coach. We are playing N'Western as I type this (and losing of course) and that is exactly what they have. Why can't we get a guy like this?

If anybody wants to argue that he is a good coach because he took us to a bowl last season, then you are an idiot. It was a talented team that had motivation beyond just making a bowl and that motivation had nothing to do with Lynch.

Indiana does not have the most talented team, and I wouldn't expect them to be very good anyways. But Bill Lynch prohibits them from ever being good.